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Coming up with great ideas and approaches is hard. Bringing them to fruition requires funding. Successful grant making is intentional, thoughtful and requires a specific process. We can help you discover the right funding opportunities for your project.
Market Analysis


Granting entities have wants and desires. So do you. We can evaluate the opportunity to give you information to decide whether it is worth your investment to pursue it.

Typing on a Computer


Just like creative writing, poetry and technical writing, grant writing has its own set of rules.  We can write grants for you or give you feedback on your proposed submissions.

Reaching Hand


Grant seeking is more than filling out paperwork. Related tasks include: communicating the opportunity, forming a partnership team, outlining a competitive work plan, seeking letters of support, securing in-kind support, and other collaborative aspects to the process.

Business Meeting


We can break it down and make it as simple as you want it to be. We will help you with evaluation design, tool creation, collection and tracking methodology, analysis and report generation.

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